27 Funny Dog Videos


27 Funny Dog Videos: Enjoy funniest and cutest compilation of animals' life!


  1. Posted by christom1971, — Reply

    This is so cute!!!! I tried it with my dog and he was just lying down under me while I was doing the push ups !😆🙈

  2. Posted by kayleegagne15, — Reply

    Aww so cute! 🥰 after seeing this I tried to get my pup to do this with me and he was like NOPE 😂....

  3. Posted by zoequiaro, — Reply

    Jejeje, que bello ❤️ mi perro no hace eso, pero por lo menos me acompaña cuando hago yoga uwu

  4. Posted by evahmroberts, — Reply

    Did ANYONE notice someone was holding a treat to get the dog to do that?! Still. Cute tho 😉

  5. Posted by apackerchick, — Reply

    That is freakin adorable! I love the puppy's smile!

  6. Posted by amhernandez5490, — Reply

    That’s a new way to make your dog exercise.

  7. Posted by juliag78115, — Reply

    That is so cute but I can’t even do push ups lol

  8. Posted by jazzyfaith2007, — Reply

    You know someone was holding a treat right lol

  9. Posted by ipintit888, — Reply

    YES some one gave instructions to the puppy

  10. Posted by evasavasteeva, — Reply

    aww! this is sooooo cute!

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