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  1. Posted by 24karatgold, — Reply

    Every book I read, makes me wish I could trade places with the characters. I get beyond sick and tired with the reality of people, places, and things which equals Life...... SMH....

  2. Posted by jessikita90, — Reply

    This is me, but with my tv shows. I am super antisocial, but don’t feel like it cuz I’m best friends with the characters in my shows 😂

  3. Posted by ashleyevergreen, — Reply

    IM TAKING COMPLETE OWNERSHIP! Sometimes my friends text me and ask me to come over and if they’re really good friends of mine I’m just like, “Sorry, I’m going to read instead.” If it’s someone that I’m not super close with but I’m still friends with then I’m like, “Sorry, I’m busy.” (BUSY READING A BOOK!)

  4. Posted by fernsetta, — Reply

    Does anyone here know what a Bibliofile is? (I honestly don't know if I spelled that correctly lol) idk how to describe it

  5. Posted by ritabeverley, — Reply

    I'm an extroverted extrovert & i sometimes feel like this. I've also liked" every comment so far.

  6. Posted by dishikabansal08, — Reply

    If you found this post and are a book lover. Message me on Pinterest so we can talk about books

  7. Posted by randomqueerreader, — Reply

    If you like reading would you maybe consider joining my board 'booknerds'? If you do just tell me 🍄💕

  8. Posted by LillyBooks24, — Reply

    I can relate because fictional characters are too much better than people

  9. Posted by patdftw211, — Reply

    except that one person who is allowed to read books with me

  10. Posted by billieismyking, — Reply

    So Meeeeeee 😂 📖📕📗📘📙📚📔

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