Easy Keto Chili (low carb + no bean chili) - Maebells


This hearty keto chili features tons of meat, peppers, spices and tomatoes! At just 8.5 net carbs per serving this low carb, no bean chili will a family favorite!


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  2. Posted by dancetaxi, — Reply

    I added about 1/2 cup of pickled jalapeños. Cooked this by the directionsI added a chopped onion and another green pepper too. Yummy and so quick to make I the instant pot. Tasted like it he Chile had been stewing all day. my instant pot. Pressurized on manual for 18 minutes. I was going to let depressurize naturally, but was impatient after 5 minutes 5 minutes ,

  3. Posted by heatherginger, — Reply

    So easy and simple ingredients. I make a pot of this for dinner and then my husband and I take it to work for lunch until it is gone.

  4. Posted by lesbon50, — Reply

    I made enough chili for a group of 16 people. By the end of the night I only had a half of a bowl left. Was absolutely delicious.

  5. Posted by imamire, — Reply

    Followed recipe exactly except only 1 Tbl chili powder. Absolutely perfect!!! Deleted all my other chili recipes!

  6. Posted by time4tkk, — Reply

    Good flavor! I added an onion and a can of black beans because we aren’t total keto. This recipe is a keeper!

  7. Posted by rinaroo13, — Reply

    Tasty. I added some corn and a tablespoon of sugar. Delish.

  8. Posted by canterr, — Reply

    My family loves this chili, even my 5 yo. No one misses the beans.

  9. Posted by jacruick, — Reply

    This was outstandingly good!

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