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  1. Posted by ItzYaGirlBella, — Reply

    “And then we kissed” “tongue?” “Yeah” “nice” *continues to eat pizza*

  2. Posted by ciaomaryam, — Reply

    now i realize that not watching “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” is a big crime.

  3. Posted by ellisonvalentine, — Reply

    “jOeY dOsEn’T sHaRe fOoD!”

  4. Posted by 2424horses, — Reply

    "And then we kissed."

  5. Posted by ballafiletth, — Reply

    Hi i just wanted to say that would you guys please follow me I would follow you guys back

  6. Posted by tryagain65, — Reply

    All life’s matter!

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