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Plant based meal prep plans that feature whole foods, oil free ingredients and vegan recipes. Only cook twice a week, eat more plants and feel amazing.


  1. Posted by chickenvolley, — Reply

    Was a little liquie for a milkshake but the taste was really good I recommend putting it in the freezer for a little wile to cool it off and put +1 Oreo in it but soooo good 😋😋😋😋

  2. Posted by taylorkittylover, — Reply

    Oreos are vegan

  3. Posted by lxla_wills_, — Reply

    add some plain protein powder and you’ll have a nice source of vegan protein :)

  4. Posted by ohyesz123, — Reply

    Did anyone use normal milk instead of almond milk?? Was it the same?

  5. Posted by alejandrodea18, — Reply


  6. Posted by stargirl1102, — Reply

    Guys all Oreos are vegan

  7. Posted by anushkaa_awatramani, — Reply

    i love how it says HEALTHYish

  8. Posted by getridofelonmusk2020, — Reply

    I don’t think Oreos are vegan

  9. Posted by park1504, — Reply

    wat is vegan Oreo

  10. Posted by Shadough07, — Reply

    Vegan oreos?????

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