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  1. Posted by alanalehua, — Reply

    Hey man I'm pretty sure anyone regardless of gender goes "heh nice" whenever 69 comes up. Just saying. Well anyone with quality humor.

  2. Posted by amusedcuriosity, — Reply

    boys really think that girls are fashion obsessed ditzy fairies and i know it’s funny to y’all, i get that, but to girls who are- believe it or not- real people, it’s just exhausting. if the joke was reversed, y’all would lose your minds, but since it paints you in a positive light you think it’s great.

  3. Posted by abowlofbeans, — Reply

    Excuse me but me and mah fren be snickering in math cuz 69 appears on our calculators. You uncultured swine

  4. Posted by sydknee3, — Reply

    well i do laugh at 69 and i’m s girl but these memes aren’t really offensive lol

  5. Posted by MemeAnarchistOfficial, — Reply

    here before the "this is sexist" or "guess i'm a boy" comments

  6. Posted by PaleRoze, — Reply

    I smile and said 'nice' too when 69 shows up and some of my friends are rlly confused

  7. Posted by veryveryveryconfused, — Reply

    we know what's up. chances are we'll think about saying nice as well

  8. Posted by Anaberuuuu, — Reply

    I always say nice why would this be a gender thing ;-;

  9. Posted by lumbago_boah, — Reply

    “I’m a girl and I laugh at 69!!” lol yeah right

  10. Posted by tesneemrocks11, — Reply

    This is literally me its practically an involuntary reaction

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